We all need encouragement and empowerment. I’m here to help, listen and make a difference.

Remember your choices and actions so you know you don’t have to keep repeating the lessons again.
#SelfEvaluate - kimberleytalks

You’re criticising someone’s dreams and doings etc but remember one thing:
YOU are still trying to make something out of yourself & life. - kimberleytalks

Dont be afraid to move on from someone who’s keeping you hostage w/ their words & no action.
Because they’re “not ready”
Know your worth. - kimberleytalks

Don’t wait around for a hesitant love.
You don’t hesitate to breath so keep on moving. The right person will come to you in full effect. - kimberleytalks

Let’s be real here. Yes we all want love and affection etc but if you realistically haven’t got the energy to give then just leave it on the back burner until you’re ready. Don’t force emotions when your own heart isn’t pumping for it.