I think most of us have got to the stage of wanting that “someone” and not wanting to go to any and everyone. We’re not looking into details of that person. Fast paced, speed ‘dating/love’
Speed Dating..

We meet - instant spark - kisses/cuddles/compliments - are we dreaming? - endless outings and enjoyment - new disagreements/arguments/misunderstanding - spark fades in and out - hazy vision of each other - did we spark and connect too fast? - where do we go from here? -

I don’t need your trust, I don’t need this shit, yeah I have had enough.

Man I wish I had some weed up in my system.

When you look at that person again, your heart doesn’t skip a beat? Yeah you know.. You loved and left gracefully.
You can moan all you want about your lifestyle, job etc. DO SOMETHING about it. Moaning isn’t an action. Make the changes yourself.
You may have a connection and at some point felt strongly .. Not everything is cemented (even that can crumble) not everyone is for you. 💔
Being bitter isn’t going to make you better.

The point of no return is where I’m at. Enough of the repetitional “dating”, the duplicate men with the same intentions.
I always pray to the higher power to enter someone in my life who is God fearing and different. I am emotionally drained to the point of my body shutting down and my interest levels have hit rock bottom.
I need someone who is mentally stimulating, adventurous, spontaneous and wants the best of life & share that with me - the level of understanding and support.
I have yet to find and experience this person.
In my heart right now, I have no care for these duplicates approaching, making conversations as I can see what they’re about already - I’d rather not give them hope and entertain them instead, I just ignore, pray and continue on with my walks of life.
I know when the right person will enter my life.

I am feeling deep in limbo right now. The feeling of being unbalanced when you’re not sure if you’re either coming or going.
Going away just anywhere far from this broken habitat I’m in would be nice. With my disappearing acts and my desire to fly the nest from time to time, may be worrying for some but I know deep down I need to find out what this world is all about.
Creating a world for myself inside my own bubble? Whichever it is..
I need to escape.