Words are somewhat important but actions are crucial. Don’t just take their “WORD” for it. See their actions & be dead to their words.
I tend to get bored so easily - is it a bad thing when getting to know someone? Maybe I just need to have a little more patience.
Learn to take time out to love and invest in yourself before you start investing in a new empire.

00:54am ; bored bored bored -_-

Okay you back to talking that shit again
Question me about where I been
I don’t even know why you here
You ain’t even supposed be here
I put it all the line
I be loving you every night
You the one I come home to right - right? right?

2 Seconds From Leaving You…
I don’t need your trust
I don’t need this shit, yeah
I have had enough
I think you should just
Run away
Get away, find a new love
Run away


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta - Season 3 TRAILER🙌

Looking forward to watching this!

You want to be a priority but you’re not showing your importance.